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Saying Goodbye...

It's 2008 and I've come to the realization that I need to streamline some things in my life - clear away some of the clutter.  I'm going to have to bid farewell to this blog which has served me well, but now that I have setup my own website, I don't have the time to maintain this blog.  I'm going to leave it up, I'm just not going to be generating new content for it anymore.  Please visit my new blogs and don't forget to bookmark them:

The Whole Enchilada was my first blog and LiVEJOURNAL is a great place to start for those who are considering starting a blog. It's a great, free way to test the waters to see if you enjoy blogging. I'm thankful to everyone that's ever visited, left a comment, bookmarked me, felt some emotion, or got a laugh from this blog.  Thanks for visiting and 

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged for a MeMe by my friend Susan for a MeMe, so here goes...

You have to come up with seven “facts” about yourself and post these rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here goes...

- I have a Real Estate Brokers License

- I sing karaoke.

- To my grandchildren, my name is "Ninnie"

- I have another blog called the easy chair and a new one called Money Matters!

- My maiden name and my husband's middle name are the same.

- There are two things I love to get up early for: to go fishing or to go yard sale-ing

- I found a diamond ring when I was 15, reported it, no one claimed it, my dad sold it and bought me my first car, "The Tomato," a 1978 Honda CVCC.

There you have it!

And, here are the bloggers I'm tagging...


Movies: Blades of Glory

This weekend, my husband and I watched Blades of Glory. He had a little homophobia before watching the movie, but wanted to check it out. I knew neither of the skaters played by Will Ferrell and Jon Heder were portrayed as gay men in the movie and thought this would be funny. One of the guys at work was telling us about it and with his taste in movies being similar to mine, I thought I'd like this flick. It was hilarious - from the skating scenes to the one-liners; beginning to end, this movie made me laugh out loud.

In 2002, two rival Olympic ice skaters were stripped of their gold medals and permanently banned from men's single competition. Presently, however, they've found a loophole that will allow them to qualify as a pairs team.

Will Ferrell was great as the leather clad sex addict, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jon Heder's performance as the protected and naive Jimmy, aka Little Orphan Awesome was just that, awesome. I really enjoyed this flick much more than I expected. If you like comedy, check this one out & I hope you like it!

Oh yeah, if you check out the extras, you can see American Idol runner up, Bo Bice singing the theme, "Blades of Glory", too. Just in case you've already seen the movie, here's the music video along with a sneak peek at the movie...

let's face it...

We don't snow ski much around here although I do love it, but we do fish. All year. I've fished when it was so cold there were snow flurries coming down and you had to shake the ice off the end of your rod just to make a cast. That's cold!

The North Face gear is some of the best cold weather gear out there; and while checking out the selection of gear at breckgear.com, I was impressed with their offerings . The North Face Jackets are available for men and women and offer warmth in the coldest of temps while providing style and comfort.

The North Face Breckenridge was selected by the Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce as Business of the Year proving that they'll provide you with the personalized friendly customer service you deserve. They are committed to answering your questions and making your shopping experience with them a success. The site is easy to navigate, with clear images and descriptions of the products including photos of available colors. The prices are reasonable and with the free shipping for orders over $50, that makes ordering from them even more attractive. Check out The North Face Breckenridge online for your North Face needs.

busy, busy day...

Today was an extremely busy day that started this morning about 9:30 and is still going strong. Jimmy and I were supposed to be fishing a bass tournament today, but his clutch went out on his truck, so we didn't get to fish it. It's okay, I've gotten a lot accomplished today and Jimmy's making some extra cash working with his friend at his machine shop.

I still had a lot of stuff in the garage that was left over from the garage sale back in August. I know it's been there for awhile, and it would've been gone sooner, but Brittany and Scott asked if they could take it to the flea market to sell, but that never panned out. So, I horsed all that stuff into the back of the 4Runner and hauled it downtown to a little place called The Helping Hand. It's kind of like the Goodwill store in that you can donate and shop, too.

I dropped off my donation, then went in the store to take a quick look around. They had all their sweats on special, probably because it's still 80+ degrees here. You could get mix and match sweats, exercise clothes, sweaters and/or sweatshirts four for a dollar. I bought myself a pair of nice corduroy casual pants that looked new, a nice light blue Hanes sweatshirt and some under armor pants to wear when we go fishing. I bought Brittany a pair of track pants and a pair of stretchy dress pants, too. The total came up to a whopping $1.60. Cool!

I left there and ran by to pick up a few things from town, then back home to clean up some more. I took everything off the counters in the kitchen and scrubbed them down, dusted the den, living room and bedrooms, and cleaned out the fridge. The dryer went on the fritz on Tuesday, but Jimmy and I were too busy to do anything about it, plus we couldn't take it to the repair man because of his truck. So, Chris came by and helped me unhook the dryer and take it out to the garage. There was lint and about 3 bucks worth of change under it, so I cleaned that up and then took the dryer apart. It looked like the belt was bad to me, so I made the decision to get a new one as soon as Jimmy got home. Our laundry was so far behind - if I skip doing laundry for more than 2 days there's at least 3-4 loads to be washed.

I cut the grass and when Jimmy got home about 5, he broke out the weedeater and did the trimming. We washed up and went to Lowe's to pickup a dryer, then he and Bryant brought it home and hooked it up. I'm planning to wash and dry clothes til the wee hours of the morning, and by Sunday afternoon, I should be caught up and looking for stuff to wash. The new dryer doesn't seem to take as long to dry the clothes - especially towels and jeans, so I think even though we spent some money, we'll save on energy in the long run...

We did a lot more around the house, but I'm too pooped to post anymore...

alaina's birthday party

Jimmy, Nate and I took a little road trip today up to my Tammy's for Alaina's birthday party. On the way there, Nate was fighting sleep and saying "I wanna go home." He does that when he's tired.

We got to Tammy's in time to get a hug from everybody, then we went to the party at Salem Pizza. It's not far from Tammy & Bryon's house and she wanted to have the party there instead of having everybody over to her house so she wouldn't have all that prep before and cleaning afterwards. Being a working mom myself, I know just what she means and thought that was a great idea.

The food was really good - We all thoroughly enjoyed it! We had cake and Alaina opened her gifts, then the kids played awhile and Nate had a ball playing with Seth and the gang. Once all of Alaina's friends were picked up, we went back to Tammy's to sit back, relax and catch up with each other for awhile. Nate had a ball playing with Seth's fancy, souped-up cars and trucks, and 'playing' Guitar Hero.

We reluctantly had to go home, and it was funny because all the way there, Nate was saying he wanted to go home, but when we were going to the car, he started saying, "I wanna stay here." He had a ball and it was so good to see everybody.

Happy Birthday, Alaina!

daddy's building

For as long as I can remember, my Dad has always had a building or a shop on his property to work on cars or lawnmowers or build furniture. When Jimmy and I got married, we bought my Mom and Dad's house and there's a large building in the backyard. Mom and Dad retired and moved to Greensboro where he built a nice shop to house all his hobbies and work on things. Since then, Mom and Dad have moved back closer to us, but the house they bought didn't have a shop. My Dad is a tinkerer and can build or fix just about anything, but at their new home he didn't have anywhere to house his tools. He didn't want to go through building another shop himself which he'd done many times before, so he looked into getting one of those Metal Buildings since they're cheaper and easier to put up than a frame type building. He checked with several manufacturers and distributors of Metal Buildings before deciding on the size and options and wound up buying one large enough to pull 2 cars in - and he's rebuilt 4 John Deere tractors and a 4-Runner since setting up shop. He's satisfied with the quality and every time we visit, we're excited to see what projects he's got going on - I think my Daddy can do anything...

that was fun...

It's early, I went to bed late last night, but am wide awake this morning and ready to go. I made a video last night - it was my first attempt at any sort of animation and I have to say that I'm pretty proud of it. If no one else likes it, my grandson, Nate does. He stayed with us last night and every time I'd play it, he'd just cackle. If you want to check out my little video creation, it's posted under 'What if?' over at the easy chair...

UPDATE: At the request of the advertiser I made the video for, all the videos for the opportunity had to be taken down. That's disappointing because this was my favorite video I've done to date. It's a good thing to know I can make this type of video and I learned quite a bit, so that's a good thing...

sports: c'mon jr.!

Unless one of the six NC born drivers, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., #44-Dale Jarrett, #83-Brian Vickers, #45-Kyle Petty, #6-David Ragan or #10-Scott Riggs, wins one of the final races of 2007, it will be the first year since the NASCAR Cup Series started that a driver born in North Carolina would not win at least one race in a season.

This sport is expanding and growing and this just proves that things change…

cool: work of art...

Some friends of mine are considering purchasing a painting for their home. Paintings can be extremely expensive and they’ve come to that realization while trying to find a work of art of their own that matches their decor. They’ve seen some paintings that they like, but the price tag is giving them sticker shock.

I visited a website today that may end their search for the perfect painting. Masterarts.com offers Hand Painted Portraits from photographs as well as hand painted reproductions of famous masterpieces. The price guide for both types of paintings is affordable and they offer a stretching service so that when your masterpiece arrives, you can hang it immediately. Imaging having a quality oil on canvas reproduction of a Van Gough, Rembrandt or Monet masterpiece. Be it a gift or for your own enjoyment, Master Arts hopes to provide a masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come.